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Keeping Humans Involved

Turbine is loaded with instructor-centric features, automation and analytics without excluding the human element for instruction and grading.

Content Control & Flow

Turbine's learning effectivness is rooted in its CMS which enables both synchronous and asynchronous instruction. Subsequent content (e.g., chapters, sections) may remain locked until students complete Assessments that sent to a review queue for approval either by instructors or through automation. This ensures users progress through the course at a pace set by the Instructor. This feature importantly protects your propietary content from nefarious extraction.

Locked Content

Assessments Engine

Challenges, questions, quizes, etc., are generated and managed by an Assessments Engine. Assessments create additional grading metrics to measure learning effectiveness; as well as generate engagement points with users, set pace, and populate the Incentives Engine. Assessments are placed at section starts, endpoints or seamlessly inline.


Instructor Tools

An Attendance module can be optimized for both synchronous online or in-person classroom instructions as part of a traditional grading system and a data point in a custom rewards program.

The Lesson Plan feature is visible only to instructors to display teacher scripts, talking points, or an instructional pacing chart. Lesson Plan is a key feature to support substitutes or new instructors.


Inline Editing

Turbine's CMS enables Instructors to improve content quickly and real-time edit course material, Lesson Plans, Assessments and more. Instructors can insert new content and reorder sections by drag & drop.

CMS Editing

Incentives Engine

Gamification is powered by a customizable Incentives Engine points system, rewards or badge program to drive engagement and have some fun! Organizations can offer discounts or services for rewards earned, and integrate affiliate marketing programs.


No Downloads

An entirely browser-based platform.

Synchronous & Asynchronous Learning

Turbine was built to manage all aspects of in-person instruction in a classroom setting, and naturally evolved into a powerful online asynchronous platform.

Boost Your Revenues

Whether you run courses by subscription or one-time enrollment fee, there are no limits to scalability or your revenues.

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