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Turbine - seriously scalable remote learning platform

No Downloads

An entirely browser-based platform.

Synchronous & Asynchronous Instruction

Deliver an in-person, classroom experience in a remote video format with asynchronous learning.

Track User Progress & Performance

Metrics for scoring, attendance, engagement, incentives quantify performance for each user and class.


A Platform Built for Instructors

Turbine is loaded with features that make the instructor's job easier.

Class Dashboard

Instructors use the Class Dashboard to provide all necessary information about the class to students.

Class Dashboard

Instructor Tools

Instructors record attendance via the Attendance Module which can be integrated into a traditional grading system, bonus points or loyalty program.

The Lesson Plan feature is visible only to instructors and displays teaching scripts, talking points, important takeaways, etc. Lesson Plan preserves a knowledge-base to support substitutes and to scale up instruction.

The Go Live feature simplifies sharing of urls to video platforms like Zoom Meeting, Skype & Google Meet.

Locked Content

Content & Control

Turbine inherently protects the rigor of the content and instruction, and our customer's brand integrity. Subsequent content (i.e., chapters, sections) is locked until a Challenge is submitted and approved by an Instructor. This locking mechanism ensures that users/students cannot effortlessly coast to the end and claim credit or certification. A cobbled combination of video meeting platforms, presentation decks and online videos are incapable of such flow control and rigor.

Inline Editing

Permissioned Instructors can in real-time edit, add and re-order course material, Lesson Plans, Challenges and more. Admins can set permissions and queue Instructor-made modifications for approval. Edit by toggling between WYSIWYG, Markdown or HTML markup.

CMS Editing

Challenge Engine

The Challenge Engine enables deeper measurements than quizzes and requires instructor review and approval to unlock subsequent materials. It is fully-customizable to meet your organization's grading metrics, measure learning effectiveness and set pace.


Quiz Engine

Optimize the Quiz Engine to insert multiple-choice questions or end lessons with quizzes. Each question can be weighted and quizzes are scored immediately upon submission.

quiz engine

Rewards Engine

Questions, Quizzes, Attendence can be assigned a weighted points value for a customizable rewards, credit or badge program. The Rewards Engine drives engagement and offers the opportunity to integrate existing marketing and affiliate programs, credit-based discounts and sales. Be creative!

Jack Finnigan

Upstream's Story

We started Upstream in 2018 to provide evening and weekend coding classes to mid-career professionals in Pittsburgh. Our students thrived in our format: two hours of evening class each week with an instructor available for chat support outside of class. Our takeaway: mid-career students were starved for the person-to-person relationship with an instructor (and peers) - and learning effectiveness measurably soared.

Mindful of how we would scale the business, we needed a platform to...

...manage and deliver our standardized curricula to everyone, everywhere. And curricula needed to be accessible 24/7 for students to learn at their own pace. And again, its was priority #1 to let the instructor flourish and do what they do best - teach, inspire, mentor, encourage, be a friend. To achieve this at scale, our platform needed to free the instructor so to teach, and not worry about tech and different softwares.

We know effectiveness soared because we built Turbine to measure each student's performance and coding skills with objective, standardized metrics.

We built Turbine to keep students engaged and gently urged through the curriculum.

We built Turbine to identify high-frequency users (and likely to be monetized with more high-quality upskilling), and to identify students who were falling behind (and exactly where they were struggling).

We built Turbine to perform at scale with more students and more instructors. And what if a substitute instructor needed to use the platform? How would we take attendance and take it for hundreds of students in dozens of classes occuring each week and in multiple cities? Turbine powers Upstream Coding today.

The world was forced to find remote instruction solutions quickly. Enterprise LMS solutions are overkill and expensive for most organizations. Online video meeting tools are built for online video meetings. A cobbled-together mix of different platforms is difficult for instructors to manage, and impossible to scale; instructor burn out ensues. Turbine solves these real problems.

Turbine is built for remote instruction with patience and care by Alan, Sean, James and Josh over several years. Turbine will meet your remote instruction needs, and more.

~Josh & Alan

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Instructor Seat Packs
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Onboarding Support
video guide for Basic; Screen share walk thru for others
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Challenge Engine
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Content Editing
Permission-based editing of course content
Instructor Tools
Complete suite of tools: Attendance Module, Lesson Plan, Go Live
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Quiz Engine
multiple-choice questions, quizzes
- Yes
Phone Support
Online chat with Basic
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Teacher Assistant seats
one per instructor
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Report for Admins
A birds-eye view of performance stats and metrics;
export as image, csv or json.
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White Label
your branding, your domain powered by Turbine
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API Integration*
Yep, we can do that.
- - Yes
Custom Features*
We'll build features customized to your organization
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Content Migration & Styling*
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Standards & Compliance

We support and continually seek compliance with all relevant U.S. laws and industry standards and guidelines (and international standards when reasonably possible.) We are mindful of the great responsibility that educational institutions and educational services providers have for privacy and security - and the trust that their customers have given to them. We promise to hold ourselves and Upstream to a high standard.

~ Josh & Alan, co-founders

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998
Student Privacy Pledge introduced by the Future of Privacy Forum
ISO/IEC 27018:2014
Data standards
The Software & Information Industry Association
Standards & guidelines
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